Products Die-casting Aluminum Cabinets






如需最新版本图片/图纸或者产品详情,请联系我司业务,电话189 2651 2362/189 2651 1362

Customized Instructions
1.Providing detailed 2D/3D drawings;
2.2D drawings need to be marked with tolerances to control dimensions;
3.If there are no drawings, please provide samples;
4.What is the required mold life;
5.Is there a designated brand if a hot runner is used?
6.Does it need to be textured? Please provide a model or pattern number or other colors.
Please focus on the above information when inquiring, so that we can calculate the mold price for you asap.

The company's main management and technical personnel have rich experience in the development of LED display housings and supporting PCB circuit design. Any customer only needs to provide the required LED circuit principle and matching housing size, and we can design a PCB and plastic housing that conforms to the professional LED industry, and develop related plastic molds.
1. Description of supply
Factory direct sales, all production is completed by our factory
2. About trial mode
If you have customized materials and special requirements, please put forward the requirements in the early stage of consultation.
3. About packaging
Carton packaging / wooden pallet + stretch film packaging
4. About logistics
Delivery can be arranged for bulk orders in Shenzhen; Express delivery of sample orders; Transportation outside the country requires negotiation between both parties.
5. About after sales
If you find a problem after receiving the product, please stop using it first. Our quality department will confirm and contact you to deal with it.
6. About drawings
If you have any requirements, please contact +86 18926512362/18926511362/18922875661 to obtain 2D drawings of the product.